PURPOSELESS is a short travel film I filmed while I was climbing Mt. Rinjani in Indonesia with a group of friends. Throughout the 3,726m climb, self-doubt kept settling in and in an attempt to find the true purpose in the climb, I pressed on to the summit of the mountain, only to find nothing. It was purposeless.

“… when the Chinese Taoists say nature is purposeless this is a compliment. It is much like the idea of the Japanese word yugen. They describe yugen as watching wild geese fly and being hidden in the clouds; as watching a ship vanish behind the distant island; as wandering on and on in a great forest with no thought of return. Haven’t you done this? Haven`t you gone on a walk with no particular purpose in mind? You carry a stick with you and you occasionally hit at old stumps, and wander along and sometimes twiddle your thumbs. It is at that moment that you become a perfectly rational human being; you have learned purposelessness.”

Source:  “Man in Nature,” from The Tao of Philosophy, by Alan Watts


ProducerBrandon Choo
Videographer: Brandon Choo
Editor: Brandon Choo